In honor of Valentines Day, or any similar day.

Cassiel C. MacAvity

    I do get amused by spasmic proclamations regarding What One Must Be Seen Doing, and variations like that, rather than simply enjoying what one chooses to do, and having that enjoyment as the sole reason for doing something.

    Of Valentines Day, with the grand flood of all the commentary on same that swirls about, the following has come to mind;
    On Valentine's Day, we should particularly remember those who make the day truly special, truly important . . . .


Greeting card companies and their stockholders.

Floral supply companies and their stockholders.

Candymakers and their owners and stockholders.

Makers of assorted red and pink colored knick-knacks and their stockholders, owners, and associates.

Advertising agencies and their private owners or stockholders.

Assorted tv and radio broadcast companies and their stockholders and owners.



Family dispute councilors.

Police family dispute intervention specialists.

Swat teams and the occasional exotic chemical disposal unit and bomb squad.


© Cassiel C. MacAvity