Steak Cassiel, and,
Brownies and Tea

Cassiel C. MacAvity

    Regarding both Steak Cassiel and Brownies and Tea, both recipes can be found with many other recipes by several others, in the quite commended online cookbook called The dc-c00kb00k

Steak Cassiel

    Start with;
A large slab of raw steak, I like the pound of steak variety, but I can eat a lot.
some quantity of ground black pepper, two of soy sauce, and three of vodka,; some people have cooking sherry, I prefer cooking vodka.
A large cup of water.
Part of a large onion.
Slices of bread

    Mix together the pepper, soy sauce, and vodka.

    Slice up the onion in thick slices, keep them on hand, at some point make a bunch of slices of toast, have them on hand too.
    Have a large cup of water on hand.

    Take a large frying pan and apply heat, when a bit of water dropped on the pan goes skipping about, the pan is hot. Drop the meat in the pan and pour in some of the mix, and push the meat around in the mix for awhile. Flip the meat over on occasion, as you want to coat everything. Keep adding some of the mix as you go, and when the quantity of mix in the pan starts trying to cook into the pan, add in some of the water. Slice into the meat to see when you think it is done, and until then, keep pushing the meat around and flipping it over on occasion, keep adding the mix until you run out, make sure that you wind up with a brownish sauce that you're pushing the meat around in.

    When you think you're done, put the meat onto a plate and pour the sauce over the meat. Park the onions on the side of the plate, and as you munch on the steak and munch on the onion, mop up the sauce with the toast.

Brownies and Tea

some box of fudge brownie mix---It's been Several years since I did this one, so read the recipe and then go hunt Something down---
a bag of mint chocolate chips,
two bags of regular chocolate chips,
a can(?), tub, whatnot, of chocolate, chocolate fudge frosting,
a good quantity of powdered cocoa,
and probably two eggs.

    Mix the brownie mix with two eggs if there is a recommendation for one egg. Into the mix add the mint chocolate chips---yes, the whole bag, barring any you've munched in the process. Bake that as the brownie mix instructions call for. While that is baking, melt down the two bags+/- of regular chocolate chips. When the baked brownie mix comes out, pour the melted chocolate onto that and set aside to let the chocolate cool. While waiting for the cooling to finish, take the frosting and mix into it enough of the powdered cocoa to clearly change the color of the frosting. Spread the frosting onto the cooled chocolate.

    When serving, you will need a knife with a serrated edge. Each brownie served should be at least a couple of inches on a side, you might have granulation coherency problems with anything smaller.

    As a serving suggestion, take a large coffee pot object and drop into it at least seven teabags or the equivalent, add water and heat until you have boiling water and then let sit for as long as you like. Do Not fish out the tea leaves before running out of tea. I prefer Lapsang Souchong and the Red Rose commercial brand myself. Serve this with the brownies.

    Don't worry, if you have two or three or four of the brownies and are guzzling tea as you go, you Can go to bed and just go to sleep. That regular, measured, leisurely noise you will thus be hearing of Boom-**BOOM**, Boom-**BOOM**, Boom-**BOOM**, Boom-**BOOM** is just your circulatory system.


© Cassiel C. MacAvity

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