Five dragons/Five elements/A community resource, comunication, and education system

Cassiel C. MacAvity

    After writing up some project ideas, I noticed that some particular project aspects rather linked to other projects, and then at the risk of getting oh too cute or trite, noticed that the linking rather matched particular cultural references. Thus five dragons and five elements;

Earth: Community and personal BSD networking and use---"Non Profit Technology"

    BSD comes from Berkeley Software Distribution, and is a form of the Unix operating system.. For those not familiar with Unix operating system software and what and how much it does every day, in the early 21st century the most powerful computer operating systems are available to anyone for free or very small cost, handle everything from personal grocery lists with to entire planetwide networks with and don't need the latest and most expensive computer hardware. Anyone and any community can study and use them, and training is easily available and costs only what the student puts into the studies--

Wind: Project marketing, and marketing skills--"The Word Of Mouth"

    How does one learn about the other dragons listed here except by some form of marketing? How does one keep such skills polished and ready for whatever project that comes along, from education to movie marketing to a political campaign? Isn't it interesting that both movie and political campaigns have the same sort of scheduling and effort?

Fire: Hyper prolific computer animated movie making and digital distribution---"Thalberg Corman Pipeline"

    Three equal and interlinked axioms; A) A good story does not need a random car crash added to it, it has it's own value. B) Henry Ford did not invent the car, he invented the Ford Motor Company and quickly made a lot of inexpensive cars. Roger Corman did not invent the movie, he used movie techniques to quickly make several hundred inexpensive movies and made a profit on just about all of them. C) A camera is not needed to make a movie. Pixar and Dreamworks are not needed to make computer animated movies. Off the shelf video game software very easily makes very inexpensive extremely high quality computer animated movies, makes any movie whatsoever that any person wants to make, and from the internet to DVDs to the over 15,000 digital theatres in North America alone, all the distribution can be done just as inexpensively.

Water: Fifteen basic skills or sets of skills, doable by anyone---"The Elite Master"

    In the early 21st century "advanced education" in the US has often become a dive into massive debt that ends in the awarding of a piece of wallpaper. Imagine instead a program that gives no awards and costs only what the student puts into it, and the resulting person is a multilingual polymath with a demonstrated history of successfully completing numerous varied projects and whose skills and knowledge are all based on direct personal experience.

Void: On and offline communicating in text, book, and essay writing.---"There and You"

    In the early 21st century, everyone is online, and everything is scattered. When multiple sources merge, there remains an incoherent jumble. Yahoo and Google mailing lists violate internet protocol. In Yahoo, mailing lists threads become totally scrambled as people use email and web interchangeably. And there are blogs and the occasional large announcements that can take up too much space for a mailing list, and can also not work well in a mailing list format. Therefore, create one platform that ensures smooth flow of email, web interface commentary, Twitter, RSS, and such variations, blog scale posts, which also offers pdf and hard copy book print creation as well.


© Cassiel C. MacAvity