A New Cause!

Cassiel C. MacAvity

    I'm not sure what . . . triggered . . . this idea, but the thought just occurred that there is a new cause which needs to be addressed, an opportunity to help society in an entirely new way, which is being Completely overlooked.

    I refer, of course, to the rehabilitation of guns.


    As gets stated so many times in so many ways, guns are responsible for so many deaths in today's society, and if only they could be taught to do other things, to have other interests, they could instead be productive members of this same society.

    Imagine; Just as a dog can be taught to sit up, to roll over, to play dead, Just as a child can be taught to read, to write, to do math, then rather than be responsible for so many deaths, a gun, too, can be taught to do the same. Imagine, a gun, fitted with little prosthetic arms and legs, helping society as a bus driver, a doctor, a tax accountant.

    At the same time, we must direct our attention to the inequalities that all these deaths by guns are causing. As guns and guns alone are responsible for these deaths, anyone who is being charged with such a murder Must be released, and reparations given, for obviously, if the gun is responsible, then no person can be charged with any such crime.

    If this great cause is taken to its logical end, then all of the above can easily converge. Soon enough we can have the heartwarming sight of a legally trained gun presenting the final arguments before a jury, arguments that will result in countless numbers of wrongly convicted people being freed, not only from prison, but from the outmoded and Just Plain Wrong idea that people can be responsible for using guns, when, in fact, it is the gun alone that is responsible.

    I thank you for your time, and know you share my joy in looking forward to a glorious new future as our new cause marches forth . . . .


© 1997 Cassiel C. MacAvity