Living With Cats

Cassiel C. MacAvity

They Live, and Are All Around . . . . .

    This morning I realized that my mornings have become a recreation of an Alien movie; Dark rooms with scuttling shadows, while very clearly being tracked and followed about by several things that are alive and out there in the dark and are actively hunting me.

    Of course I also happen to live with three adult cats and two kittens, and at the time that I'm the first one out of bed, the food bowls are empty.

Boing Boing Boing Boing, Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball

Jellicle Cats come out tonight
Jellicle Cats come one, come all
The Jellicle Moon is shining bright
Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball

    Once upon a time I picked up the LP of the soundtrack to Cats---

    No, not the typically umpteenth rate backbeatridden Broadway production of [insert name of imported show], but, rather, The soundtrack---

    And a few hours ago I finally got around to picking up the CD release, . . . .

    Yes, grumble, snarl, spit, and hiss, the CD remaster of The Jellicle Ball does have an extremely noticeable chunk hacked out of it part way through . . . . . . and then I found that the sound editing team utterly Hacked The Jellicle Ball to make room for some quite pointless and unneeded extra bits thrown into the perfectly fine The Old Gumbie Cat . . . . but of the rest, this definitely remains the audial equivalent of catnip.

I now no longer share an apartment with 4.x cats . . . .

    ---I did used to share the apartment with 3 adults and 2 kittens, but one of the adults died---

    I now share an apartment with 9 cats.

    Why yes, I do think that Baelzebub is a perfectly lovely name for the black one.

    Gandalf does indeed come to mind for the grey, but first we do need to figure out the assorted genders---I'm not particularly aware of definite genders for angelic entities, so Baelzebub should be fine.

Difficulties in communication.

As I was getting ready for work this morning . . . . :

    (Both the box with the fleece and under the dresser are totally unsuitable locations for my kittens, and they must go to a new location I like that they cannot escape from!!!): "Meau!"

    (Where?): "Where?"

    ---Repeat three or four times---

    In the foreground, a nine day old kitten is marching across the floor and away from the siblings under the dresser.

    (Feed me, Now!): "meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!! meau!!"

    ---I got the space under the dresser to become escape proof, and once all kittens and Dharma got tucked back under the dresser, the screaming paused.

    Yes, when that one of the kittens---I think he or she is even the first born---decides to take off, nine days young is irrelevant, and the screaming is at full lungpower at the same time . . . .

Set one parameter, watch the rest cascade . . .

I have absolutely no idea what triggered the thought, but I did realize something as I was doing nothing more than strolling off to work this morning.

    One of the interesting facets of observant Judaism can involve explaining the existence of kosher for Pesach cat food.

    . . . . . . . For those getting bogged down with "just put the cat out", reduce the situation down to having a hamster to feed for the 7 or 8 days of observance.

24 days and counting . . .

    I turn on the light and, if looking in the right spot, see sudden movement.

    Between my height, and their size and experience in getting about, as they go scuttling about their box or across the floor, they really do look like a quintet of fur covered cockroaches. And at this point , while cockroaches aren't known for near hypersonic exclamations of Meaow!, in the box and across the floor are becoming the same; they are getting large enough to become escape artists. Dharma will have her paws full when they get into or around things she's not happy with---vacuuming the rug is gonna get interesting . . .

Spots . . . . . . .

    . . . . . seems to have decided that I am her, I think, favorite climbing toy.

    I am amused.

    And yes, when sufficiently determined, 4.5 week old kittens can purr rather loudly . . . .


    On a chilly morning, even with wall to wall carpeting, small kittens have very cold feet.

    Yes, it's 4:32 in the +)%&*+$@%.

    Work is doing a special promotion today, so I go in earlier than usual, and then leave earlier than usual, so that I can help staff a panel discussion.

Cute kitty.

    I do agree that cute-kitty.jpeg is absolutely adorable, but no, I do not have that one available to adopt.

    Besides, someone like that you don't give away, "a good mouser" doesn't even begin to describe the fun.

    Imagine what can get done to or with random solicitors . . . .

Juggling chaos.

    I like cats . . . I have an allergy to cats . . . I consider my liking cats to be the allergy's problem, not mine.

    A more recent round of me juggling variables---one apartment, one landlord, one ex, and up to nine cats---had a final score of chaos, 1, me, 1, instigator 0 and quite rapidly sailing into the negative, and such just does tend to be an outcome these days.

    Yes, up to nine (9) cats. When the ex and I started dating, she had owned her own business, was the manager of her department, and had two adult cats, both fixed. For logistical and logical reasons, she needed to move nearer to a better job and we moved into a very nice, very spacious two bedroom apartment that we found in El CerritoIsh, with the two cats(2).

    An offer of a kitten turned up, with another kitten and the mother. I had no objections up to a point, and so we added the three; one kitten to the ex, and the other two to me (5).

    One of her adults died of something intestinal, leaving us with 2 each (4).

    By that point the ex had also started attempting to convert me to the theory that bills Are optional, and this is Not negotiable, and I was equally Not impressed. The mother of the pair of kittens, who had not left the apartment since her arrival, started expanding. The landlord and I commiserated over the theory of rent being declared iffy, and of PGE turning out to be two months late---the PGE bill did get covered once I found out, but Scuzzi?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

    The five furballs arrived(9). One evening, when the furballs were about four, five, weeks old, the ex announced at them Oh, Just Look at You!!!! and instantly all five of them immediately arched . . . . . Yes, that's right, how do you get five kittens to all recoil together, when by that point the same five were regularly using me as a climbing toy? The ex then announced that she also "is just not bonding with her kitten". By that point I had become a definite favorite of the ex's remaining adult. The ex moved out with her one adult, leaving me with the bills and the remainder of the lease(8).

    A co-worker, with her cat experience and connections, very helpfully assisted in arranging for adoptions. The furballs went first(3), then followed by one of the older kittens(2), and then the mother and the remaining kitten(0).

    As soon as the lease ran out I very happily got my butt back into Berkeley with the great goodwill and good wishes of the El CerritoIsh landlord. The new and current apartment is not the equal of the old one, but is indeed very nice and I really did need to get back south again. The current lease does mandate no pets, but there was that Must Get Moved balancing bit. There will indeed be more cats, in time, but then there will also be a different house or apartment, also in time. Yes, I did state cats and chaos, didn't I.


© Cassiel C. MacAvity