Canaries In Our Coal Mine

Greetings; abandon all hope ye who read here . . . .

      The files listed here are the record of a large scale pop quiz, outlined below, which was administered over a five year period, where none of those being tested were aware of being tested until after it was over.

      Over time, the order of these files was shuffled about as they were written. Now, with everything wrapped up and all the questions answered, all but MindGame are listed in chronological order of writing, with the extra layers of data of one built into the next. Part of the puzzle of these events was trying to make sense of the occurrences that were turning up, so that is why everything in here got crossreferenced, doublechecked, verified, checked again. An ongoing hope in this had been that what seemed obvious might be wrong, but that never turned up; what turned up instead is that whether in fact of occurrence or truth of deduction, everything here has been confirmed many times as simply being the truth.

      For an extremely shorthand introduction beyond the following, read "Echoes" and "Summary" together. Of "Breeders", which is listed here and is cited at the beginning of "Echoes", it is a listing of my past and how it was in the background of the rest of this documentation. At the end, "A Matter Of Politics" lines up all the background with all that was in the foreground and summarizes the test scores.

      For footnotes, "Postscriptum" covers the year following the end of the test. "Mindgame" is the body of notes I generated during the test's first few months as I myself was being a good Buddhist and floundered about for some source of training in magic as a way to build a raft to enlightenment . . . .

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Emily Cadigan, In Memoriam

Emily's Law

The Names

e.g. creatures that merely breed, as absolutely distinct from
parents, e.g. those who actually raise children.

in a dream . . . ---7/19/98


Echoes; a Thumbnail Briefing

Summary, 7/10/99

A Matter Of Politics



      There is and has been for quite awhile, a cluster of people in the San Francisco Bay Area who profess to be great practitioners of magic and magic based religions. They claim that they are the arbiters of what must be done, that they are the center of what goes on, that they and theirs can do no wrong, regardless of actions or inactions chosen.

      Their repeatedly professed belief is the same as most, if not all other religions, that the one true belief is;

      "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and all the rest is merely details. Now, go forth and study the details."

      In actuality, as demonstrated with long observation of lack of practice, these that are claiming to be devout practitioners are basically pathetic, strutting mice who fill their time with proclamations of their greatness and all the great magical achievements that actually never happened. The situation is as if they call themselves The Great Magical Lions and there is Nobody who can point out that they are just for show, and how Dare you suggest that there actually could be a reality behind what they claim they are, let alone point out that there actually Is a reality that is more than what they claim they are . . .

      Sometime in the early 1990s a cat was dropped into the midst of these undoubted mice. This cat is highly intelligent, totally self-centered and sociopathic, an absolute, worthless scumbag that came into being with a natural talent for doing magic that is greater than all of these mice and their claims. Did this arrival occur by chance? It could have been. Murphy's law and the laws of chance are well known. Was this arrival a test by the gods that these mice claim to invoke? My personal intuition, which I keep sharpening on all the logic I can imagine, and which has been tested and confirmed by these same mice, says that yes, this creature dropped among them was to be their test and it was submitted to them by the exactly those same powers that they claim to possess.

      In time, after the mice had already noticed her, the cat ran across a defenseless 16 year old girl, decided that the girl was just a piece of meat, and after a period of stalking her until the best possible time to attack, did so attack. As one of the after-the-fact-observers stated, in confirmation that something had been done to the girl, "What was done began with rape, and continued from there."

      The result of the rape has been confirmed many times as actually being not a rape victim, but instead being just a piece of meat that walks and talks and breathes, an empty lump of flesh with nothing in it but a ghost image of the rapist, something that claims to be the girl but has never been able to even approximate the life of the now dead girl.

      The reaction of the mice has included absolute denial---because that is tantamount to admitting to reality---, included admitting that the murder occurred, but also announcing "You're not on my plate" or "That's not my problem.", included claiming that because the girl was murdered, that means that the rape and murder was the girl's own choice, where that postulated consent further means that there is nothing that anyone should or needs to do . . . that last came from a woman who I recall as being a State of California licensed Pagan Priestess.

      Had there been any skill, leadership, or any trace of honor in the "community" that the cat was dropped into, the lion(s) would have pinned her down and either made her solve her problems, or, if she would not mature and grow, would have smashed her flat. There would have been no problems from the rapist, and there would be a healthy and thriving community. Had there been even just an ailing community, one with major problems, but one with actual masters in it, and had the rapist still managed to get to and murder the girl, those masters would have seen to it that the rapist was very mundanely dead and merely a footnote within six months of the girl's death.

      Of mundane reaction, actual sworn peace officers have reviewed the situation, and with the meat that resulted from the murder being a breathing creature that will lie and support the rapist, there is nothing that mundane authorities can do---this is truly a test of magical practice, belief, and understanding.

      Of myself, I was claimed by the rapist as personal property at the time that we met the girl, for I had been dating the rapist. In turn, as we discovered that the girl had as hellish a background as I have had, and as the rapist made clear that she considered me incapable of being anything but property, I rejected the rapist while the girl effectively became a sort of adopted younger twin sibling of mine.

      Also of myself, as the girl's murder became known and repeatedly and again repeatedly confirmed beyond any doubt, all I found myself able to do was take detailed notes, seek some solution that I might be able to assist with, and Still I was only able to simply take notes . . . . and after five years had passed, and no person or group from the alleged community stepped forward to do what their own beliefs called for, what finally turned up was that I was indeed being Just the record keeper, for of course I knew what was called for, but this was not my test.

      Over time, what I have known and become aware of in greater and greater detail is that if I am hungry, I need to eat, and if I'm sleepy I need to sleep, and that others simply must do the same. It really doesn't matter that metaphorically I have a queen size bed---I'm Buddhist---where someone else uses a hammock---Sufi----and someone else moves a lot and uses a mummy bag---*Deep* backwoods nature based witchcraft---for if someone pops up and announces No, that is wrong, you can only eat certain things, and don't ever sleep . . . knowingly or not, such a someone is totally, blatantly wrong and is an absolute liar.

      What remains underneath all this is that which has always been, again;

      "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and all the rest is merely details. Now, go forth and study the details."

      These who are going about claiming to be pagan have a pair of statements of "An it harm none, do as ye will shall be the whole of the law.", and, "That which you do will return to you threefold." . . . . .

      An it harm None. Return Threefold . . . .

      Well, harm has not just been done, it has been documented in detail, and one further documented way to do harm is to have a situation where harm and a cause of harm is known and nothing is ever done to make certain that both the harm and its cause are totally, absolutely, and forever eradicated without any trace or chance of return . . . .

      Yes, boys and girls, the flip side of Do Onto Others, the part that is Just As Built In and cannot truthfully be denied, is that if harm has been done, then that harm Will be addressed in as harmful a way as is needed to eradicate that harm. There is no statute of limitations for murder, and if those on hand will not address the situation, then they are willing accessories in that murder, and will also be charged with it and punished for it.



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