Have You Seen My Missing Book?

Cassiel C. MacAvity

From: Coworker
Sent: Sometimendate
To: Company Staff

    Dear Company Staff.

    I've misplaced my F. Paul Wilson book somewhere in the building.

    If you see it, could you bring it to my cubicle, or, let me know where it is so I can go pick it up myself?

From: Cassiel
Sent: Sometimendate
To: Coworker

    Coworker is in her cubicle, sitting upright at her computer, and her head is missing. Blood is spattered all over the walls of the cubicle, and the blood is dripping _up_ the walls of the cubicle.

    Outside the doorway of the cubicle, Other Coworker is pacing back and forth. He is dressed as high priest of a sect that was last heard from three thousand years ago, he is chanting scriptures telling of the return of the ancient gods, and his eyes have been gouged out.

From: Coworker
Sent: Sometimendate
To: Cassiel

    No. That's not my book. But you do have F. Paul Wilson absolutely spot on.


© Cassiel C. MacAvity